8 Ways to Save Space in Your Home

It is an age-old problem, the amount of belongings we accumulate becomes more each year, but the size of our homes remains the same. Unless you are privileged enough to afford a new house when this happens the only option is usually to part with some of the clutter. However, before you draw up that yard sale sign, there are a couple of ways that you can store the items in your house more efficiently without it looking like a hoarder’s paradise. Take a look at this list to see where and how you can store the possessions in your house without constantly tripping over them.

  1. Replace Bookcases With Hanging Shelves

Ordinary bookcases are not just big and bulky but can make smaller rooms feel claustrophobic. By replacing them with hanging shelves you still maintain the same amount of storage space but have a bulky piece of heavy furniture cluttering up the room. Shelves are more versatile too as when you need more you can simply mount additional ones. The same goes for your television, unless you are still using some CRT behemoth most modern TVs can be mounted on a wall instead of placing them on a large media center.

  1. Add Some Storage Boxes Under The Bed
Boxes Under The Bed

Apart from collecting dust bunnies and bits of loose change the space under most beds is vastly underutilized. This can be changed by investing in some boxes for storing items out of the way and out of sight. A clear box can keep out of season clothes or rarely used items neatly organized while you can still tell what is inside them without having to dig through the box. Don’t worry if your bed is too low to the ground either as you can invest in some bed risers to give you that extra bit of space.

  1. Spruce Up Your Cabinets With Undershelves
Cabinets With Undershelves

Chances are there is more space in your kitchen cabinets than you might realize. This is because there is usually plenty of vertical space that is underutilized. For example, by attaching an undershelf you can store mugs on the same shelf as plates and dishes and free up additional shelves for other use.

  1. Get Creative With Your Shoe Organizers
Shoe Organizers

In addition to being a great way to store and organize your shoe collection, shoe organizers are actually quite versatile too. For example, why not mount a shoe organizer to the kitchen closet door and use it to conveniently store all your cleaning supplies. You can also put one up in the pantry in order to store kitchen utensils or supplies.

  1. Invest In A Cable Organizer
Cable Organizer

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Leaving loose cables lying around unorganized is not only a safety hazard and nuisance, but will leave your space looking like a den of snakes. A good cable organizer will keep everything neatly tucked away where you can’t trip over them and injure yourself or damage your equipment. A kitchen basket attached below a desk or shelf will also keep the clutter off the floor.

  1. Get An Indoor Bike Rack
Indoor Bike Rack

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If you don’t have a garage and can’t bear the thought of your bike staying outside in the elements then an indoor bike rack is a better option than leaving your ride standing about in the house or apartment. It will not only free up valuable space but will also protect your bike from getting knocked over or being in the way.

  1. Purge The Garage
Purge The Garage

You will be amazed to see how much space you actually have in the garage if you get rid of all the excess clutter. All too often we treat the garage as a temporary location to store those broken appliances that we intend to fix or outdated furniture that got replaced. If those things are still there a couple of months later the chances are you won’t be doing anything meaningful with them and can get rid of the clutter.

  1. Make Better Use of The Stairs
8.	Make Better Use of The Stairs

Instead of simply dumping items under the stairs for storage why not get organized and maximize the available space. By placing drawers or shelves below your stairs you will be able to fit in way more than what would normally be possible.

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