How to assemble a bike in 12 steps

People love to have a bike. Riding a bike is good for your health and mind. It is also enjoyable. When you purchase a bike, sometimes the parts of the bike come apart. So you need to assemble the bike. Assembling the bike parts is not a tough job. You can do it easily. You can follow the manual to do this. You don’t need to hire anyone to do this. So we are here to tell you how long does it take to assemble a bike. We will let you know in detail. Before that we will tell you how to assemble a bike. So let’s jump into it. 

How To Assemble A Bike 

In this part, we will give you a guide to assemble your bike parts step by step. So you can follow the steps to assemble your bike perfectly. Let’s tell you in detail.

Assemble A Bike
  • Prepare for Bike Assembly 

After getting your bike parts, you have to assemble the parts together. To do this you have to take some preparation. You have to gather some tools. Using the tools you will assemble the bike. You will need the following tools to do this work. So make sure that you have all of these, when you are going to assemble your bike. 

  • Knife / Sharp Edge
  • Torx Wrenches
  • Allen Wrenches
  • Clips or Scissors
  • Centre Lock Tool

If you don’t have these tools, you must buy them from a shop before assembling your bike. Because these tools are required to assemble your bike. 

  • Open The Bike Box

After arranging all the tools, you have to open the box of your bike. The box could be sealed with tape. You can use a knife to cut the tape. Make sure you are doing it carefully. 

  • Remove The LID

After cutting the tape, put the box on the floor. And then open the box and remove the LID. Set the LID aside. 

  • Detach The Bike

Remove the bags of wheels from the box. Then remove the bike frame. Now it’s time to begin assembly. 

  • Remove Pads

The bike parts will be padded up. You have to remove all the padding from the bike parts such as frame, handlebar, fork, derailleur, crank arms, etc. 

  • Install The Seatpost

First you need to install the bike seat. You have to insert the bike seat inside the tube. Then align and adjust the seat perfectly. Adjust the height of the seat. It is a vital thing. Then tighten the seat clamp. 

  • Secure It In A Bike Stand 

After installing the bike seat, you have to secure your bike in a bike stand. So that you can install the other parts of the bike perfectly. This will make your work easier and quicker. 

  • Mount The Derailleur 

Then you have to mount the derailleur to the derailleur hanger. Then you should align the derailleur perfectly. After the alignment, tighten up the derailleur. 

  • Install The Handlebar

After tightening up the derailleur, you have to install the handlebar. Put it in the right position and then tighten it to the stem’s torque spec. 

  • Install The Accessories 

Install the accessories like GPS, lights, feders, bottle cages, etc one by one. 

  • Install The Disc Brake 

After that install the disc brakes onto the hubs. Make sure that the disc brakes are in the proper direction. Then tighten up the disc brakes to the hub’s torque spec.

  • Install The Wheel

Install the wheels to the bike frame carefully. Then install the pedals. The assembly is almost done. 

  • Check Everything

Then you have to check the gears of the bike. You have to ensure the smooth shifting of the gears. Then check the brakes. After checking everything, make a test ride to check if it works or not. 

Now your bike is ready to ride. But now the question is how long does it take to assemble a bike

How Long Does It Take?

If you are a beginner in this sector, you have to do all the things carefully and slowly. It could take roughly an hour to assemble a bike. This timing is for the beginners. But if you are an experienced rider, it could take 40-45 minutes. But here is some advice for you. Make sure that you are doing all the things carefully. If you do something wrong, it could cause an accident in future. So check everything before you go for a ride. 

Final Words

This is everything you should know about How long does it to assemble a bike. If you don’t have any idea about this, you can watch a tutorial video. Then you can assemble your bike on your own. Otherwise you can hire a mechanic to do this thing. Hope this article will help you. 

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