Identify Peugeot Bike Model

How To Identify Peugeot Bike Model? [Quick & Easy Solution]

Peugeot is a French bike brand that has dominated the industry since 1880. The most amazing thing is that the brand has maintained its reputation so far. Since its inception, it has been constantly updating the design and features of the bike year after year. In that case, the model of a Peugeot bike can be a bit difficult to identify early.

Here are some ways to avoid the hassle of identifying a Peugeot bike model that will help you do the job easily and in less time. Knowing all the information related to this will enable you to find the model of your bike swiftly.

This article will tell you how to identify the Peugeot bike model quickly and easily. Here are some practical ways that have been tested, and many have followed them to find out the model of their bike.

Peugeot Bike Model

7 Effective Ways To Identify The Peugeot Bike Model:

Here are a few powerful and quicker ways to identify Peugeot bike models with some steps. You can follow them according to your needs.

Way-1: Use Serial Number

A great way to identify a Peugeot bike model is to try to find it with a serial number. Below some steps are mentioned that you should follow:

Step-1: Find the serial number that is usually on the underside of the bottom bracket of the bike.

Step-2: Turn the bike over to record the number.

Step-3: If you do not find the serial number here, look at the front or back.

Step-4: You will find a serial number of 8 to 10 digits in any of the possible places.

Step-5: Notice the head tube on the front of the bike that may also have a serial number.

Step-6: Some bikes may have the serial number on the back dropout.

Step-7: On some Peugeot bikes, you will find multiple serial numbers. However, you will be able to understand the angle serial number that you will record yourself.

Step-8: Lastly, you may not find any serial numbers on some bikes. In this case, we have to assume that it is a very old model.

Note: If you match the model and serial of the Peugeot bike from the 1970s or 1980s, you can determine the model according to the serial you found.

Way-2: Get Both Online And Offline Help

Another great way to find the Peugeot bike serial number is to search online as well as offline. While a brand may not have launched its models online from the beginning, it later adds them online to increase exposure. You can find your desired model from there.

Moreover, offline is also quite effective. If a relative or friend whom you know has used a Peugeot bike before, he or she can give you accurate information about it. You may even know the identifying number.

Way-3: Find Some Specific Parts

In addition to the crank, rear stays, and headset; some specific places where the identifying number can be. Notice the different parts of the bike frame that may reveal during manufacturing. You will be able to extract its serial numbers and identify numbers from here.

But, it may not work in all cases. If you have been using the bike for a long time, maybe 2/1 of its parts are defective, so you have changed. In this case, it is hard to find without the original parts.

Way-4: Find Making Year

Another way to find out the model of the Peugeot bike is to find the year of its manufacture first. When making a bike, time is written in one of the parts where the year is included. You can search this year to see which models Peugeot released that year.

If you pay a little attention to those models, you will find the model of your bike. Moreover, review the characteristics of the bike model, which match the features of your bike.

Way-5: Ask The Owner Or Seller

If you have purchased a used Peugeot bike, it may be a little harder to find the identifying number. In this case, contact the original owner from whom you bought. Maybe he has some documents on the bike which will help you get the information you want.

Moreover, if the seller replaces a part, he often leaves the old part in the store. If the bike is too old, he may not be able to remember much information. Even then, there is a huge possibility since you should try here.

Way-6: Post In Different Forums

While you have already applied various ways to find your Peugeot bike model, another better way is to ask publicly. There are popular forum sites related to bike problems and tips. Also, people answer many questions and discuss them. You can post the details of your bike there by asking for its model.

Hopefully, you will find the answer to your question because the big forums have thousands of bike users who can provide a lot of valuable information. Even if you do not get the exact answer from the forum threads, you can get some idea about the model.

Way-7: Contact With The Retailer

You can contact any Peugeot bike retailer near you where 2/1 of the older models can be found what you are looking for. Since most retailers start their supply from the old model to the new one, they must have some documents from the previous model.

Moreover, Peugeot bikes have been selling for a long time, which gives rise to ideas about new and old models. As a result, they can tell the model of your bike without any documents.

Everything You Need To Know About The Peugeot Bike Model:

The following information will assist you in identifying the different years of Peugeot bike models.

YearBike ModelSpecification
1929P 8, PS 7, P 9, P 10, PU 7deluxe accessories, oil-bath hubs, rustproof spokes, Saw-tooth pedals
1951PH-10steel cranks, Vitus tubing, pedals, and 4 cog freewheel
1955PLX-10, PX-10Emost high-end bikes with Vitus tubing and not Reynolds 531
1956 to 1960UO-8Reynolds 531 tubing system, Nervex Professional lugs
1965PX10Nervex Professional lugs with checkerboard, Arc en Ciel rings, ribbon banner
1967PX 10Added features for professional and semi-professional racing
1970PA-10Preferable for regular rides and so for historic races
1972PX10Brooks Professional saddle, 72 degrees parallel frame, and plain Nervex lugs
1973 – 1974PX-10E, PX-10LEReynolds-tubed framesets with Nervex lugs, and steeper frame angles 
1975 to 1977PY10FC, PZ10, UO-10aluminum alloy rims, custom steel-frame, and aluminum-alloy cotterless crankset
1979PY10CP, CFX-10, PXN10ESuper Champion alloy tubular or clincher rims, Atom sport low-flange hubs
1980PRO 10, PY 10S, PV 10, PK 10, PKN 10, PKN 13 with unnamed crankset, Mavic Module E rims, triple crankset, and Mafac Competition brakes
1981- 1982PX-10S, PX-10DUVitus 979 duraluminum tubing and Reynolds 531 7/10 tubing
1984PX-10L brazed 531C framesets
1985PH11the CLB brakes and levers or splendid Simplex shifting 

7 Effective Tips To Identify A Peugeot Bike Model In A Quick Time:

In addition to the methods to identify the Peugeot bike model, some important tips will be more helpful to you:

Tip-1: Look for potential bikes where any number may be sealed. Bikes are usually sealed with the year of manufacture and the serial number.

Tip-2: Find out if there are any bike documents in your personal cupboard or file. Both the serial number and the model are written on these papers.

Tip-3: If you don’t have a Peugeot retailer near you, go to any bike shop and ask about your bike model.

Tip-4: If you buy a 2nd hand bike and are sure that the seller is genuine, you can also get important information from him.

Tip-5: When your Peugeot bike is too old, contact someone who has used a Peugeot bike before. You can also specify the year of your purchase.

Tip-6: If the model of the bike is purchased in the year of launch, it will be easier to find out the model. Just remember the year and find your model from the Peugeot timeline.

Tip-7: The old garage has many old model bikes that have been discontinued. If you visit there, you may find similar bikes with serial numbers and model identification.

Frequently Asked Questions About Identifying Peugeot Bike Model:

What Is The Most Common Way To Look Out For A Peugeot Model And Year?

Each bike model and year can be easily figured out from Peugeot’s timeline. The timeline of the bike production year and the models are sorted in the timeline from where you will be able to find the model of your bike.

As new models are constantly invented, older models are often removed from the timeline. So, in this case, if your bike is too old, it may be impossible to find it. So, if you find the serial number of your Peugeot bike, it is possible to find out the year and model.

Where Do You Find Your Peugeot Bike’s Model Number?

A better way to find out the model number of the Peugeot bike is to find out the serial number. When manufacturers make bikes, they stamp a serial number on them. You can easily find out the model and year of your Peugeot bike using it. These are stamped in places on the bike where parts need a little replacement.

If you lose your bike or it is stolen, the serial number is used to find it as quickly as possible. No matter if you lose a piece of paper, you can find it with the serial number on the bike.

Why Should You Know Your Peugeot Bike’s Model?

It is crucial to know the serial number and model of your Peugeot bike because it will help you in different cases. Even if your bike is damaged, you need to get the bike model. Moreover, it is not possible to do anything without knowing the model. Also, it is necessary to repair any of its parts as there are variations in each model.

You must also provide the model and serial number to find your stolen bike because there are many similar-looking bikes on the market. You will even find bikes of the same model, but there are differences in serial numbers.

Which Parts Of The Peugeot Bike Do You See To Identify The Model?

Peugeot bikes have some specific areas where you can find the serial number to identify the model. You don’t have to look everywhere for the bike. Examine the headset, the underside of the crank, rear stays, seat downtube close to the crank, and the top of the crank.

Serial numbers and years of manufacture are more likely to be found in these places. If your bike fades over time, these may be covered or erased. Even if you can’t find anything, you can find the year of creation.

How Long Can You Identify A Peugeot Bike’s Model?

Although Peugeot has been a top brand for bikes since 1882, it stopped production in 2001. As a result, you can only identify models from 1882 to 2001. Although Peugeot bikes got popularity in the ’80s and ’90s, they lost some of their popularity in 2000 and were discontinued.

But in its 20-year journey, Peugeot has gifted its users about 500 bike models. You can identify all the models from their timeline until it stops production.

Are Peugeot Bikes Good Enough?

Peugeot bikes were so standard when first produced. Its external structure, sound, and everything are very high quality. Since its inception, it has been one of the most popular bike brands in this industry. However, even though its popularity is not so-high now, some of its models are still the top choice.

Peugeot bikes have maintained this standard since they were made. So, for those who have used a model of Peugeot bike before, other brands may not seem appropriate. Moreover, they have been updating their models year after year.

Final Words

Identifying Peugeot bike models is a little complicated, but you can easily find them by following the correct procedure. Some quick and easy methods mentioned in this article will help you identify your Peugeot bike model.

Try every possible way, including your bike’s serial number, date of manufacture, or questioning the seller. Whichever way you come up with something out of the ordinary, they have to re-think their position. Hopefully, you can find out the bike model in the fastest time.

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