How To Make A Disc Wheel Cover

A disc wheel cover has much more important for your bike. Now we will show you some crucial steps to do it on your own. You need some accessories for that purpose. Let’s start to make it done in only five steps

Step 1: Cut the foam disc properly

Cut a disc from the foam. The disc should be slightly larger than the rim of the bike. Remember that you need to cut a second disc from the foam sheet.

 Cut a hole in the middle of the foam disc.

Cut a straight line at the edge of the foam disc.

The disk is pre-mounted on wheels.

Overlap the foam and mark the overlapping part.

Cut overlapping parts.

Step 2: Add some adhesive vinyl film

Glue vinyl film 2 Add more pictures

Self-adhesive vinyl film pre-cut. It should be slightly larger than the disc foam.

Place the foam disc in a kind of plastic film. Apply vinyl film by removing the paper release liner step by step.

Place the overhanging vinyl film on the edge of the foam disc and attach it to the back.

There may be air bubbles. Carefully cut with a sharp knife to remove air.

Step 3: Mount the disc cover on the wheels in the right way

Place the cover on the wheels.

You need to attach the cover with thin wire fasteners. Use a screwdriver to drill holes in the cover. You will need 2 holes for each wire tie.

Place the wire tie with the first hole, then the back of a spoke, and finally through the second hole. I used 6 wiring ties to each disk.

Cut the overhanging part of the wire tie.

Step 4: Repeat the steps 1 through 3 for the second disc

Repeat the steps for the second wheel cover. Since it is next to the sprocket, you will need a large hole in the middle of the foam disc.

Step 5: It is finished now


Now you are ready to go fast! If you like it, feel free to vote for this indicator in the glue contest.



If the covers are trimmed too short, they may not be completely flat. This applies to profile rims deeper than 80 mm.

A rim height of at least 16 mm is required.

Disc cover is Not intended for use in continuous training. Remove cover in races.

Do not use lock it on fasteners. Loctite will detach the cover material and pull the fasteners. It takes 2-3 working days (M-F) to make AeroJacket disc covers Please

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