How To Set Up A Dome Tent

It is important to know how to pitch a dome tent before you venture into the great outdoors. While putting up a dome tent is very simple, it can provide to be slightly challenging for a first-timer. This article is here to help you de-stress about pitching your tent for the first time by giving you some helpful tips, that’ll make erecting your dome tent a piece of cake so you stop worrying and enjoy your camping experience.

Find A Suitable Spot

First, you need to find a good spot on which to pitch your dome tent. The best place to put it up is in a flat area that isn’t too muddy or wet. Choose an area that’s properly shaded from direct sunlight so the tent can be used throughout the day. Clear all the debris and any stone or rocks from the ground (as no one wants to sleep on rocks and stones), and remember to position your provisional cover away from the fire.

Lay Down The Tarp

The tarp is supposed to protect your tent against moisture in case you cannot find a perfectly dry spot around the campsite. It also protects the cover from possible damage. Layout the tarp at the preferred location. After unfolding the tent over the tarp, locate the rainfly, poles, and stakes. At this point don’t worry about finding the individual parts such as the door.

Assemble The Poles

Grab the poles and set them apart. While they might be a bit tangled, you should still be able to figure them out quite easily, Assembling the poles helps figure out the dimensions of the tent so as to figure out how to position it over the selected space.

Attach Poles To The Tent

Since most dome canvasses come with a tube-like fabric for the poles to go through, attaching the poles should be a rather simple task. Attach each of the poles to the edge of the tent. Given that most dome tent models come with grommets, the poles will be relatively easy to slide through both ends of the canvas.

Pop Up The Tent

Even though this may need the joint effort of you and your camping buddy, you should be able to do this on your own. To make the tent stand upright, begin with one corner that’s not yet attached to the pole. Bend the pole enough so that it connects with the corner of the canvas.

Rain Protection

For better projection in wet weather, but the rainfly on your tent, use a paracord to make it as taut as possible. Ensure that the tarp is safely tucked under the canvas so that the water cannot run into the living area within the tent.

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