How To Protect Bikes On Bike Rack

Looking for a quick and easy way to protect your bike while it’s out of sight on the bike rack? The Hiplok makes it easy to protect your bike while it’s not in use and is quick and easy to take with you if

Firstly we should be clear that why is a bike rack for?

Where is the bike rack used? A bike rack is used usually for two purposes:

1) To decorate bikes in a bike store or bike-garage

2) To keep bike behind a car or upon a car

Necessary materials to protect a bike on a bike rack;

•   Rack

•  Rope

•  Cover

Five steps to protect bikes on bike rack;

Step -1: Set your bike rack correctly

Before you put your bike on a bike rack double check if your bike rack is well settled.

Because, if your bike rack is not well settled then it may move about when you drive a car. On the other hand, it may fall down in the street and your bike gets broken. Especially, your bike’s handle can get broken. However, as you can check the rack setting very simply then why will you have risk on that point?

If your bike rack is properly set, then you can keep your bike on it and get ready to move.

Step -2: Stabilizing wheel properly on the rack

This is another kind of important thing to be done properly before you start your journey.

The reason is, that wheels can move when you go through the rough roads or hit a bump. That is why you have to fasten the wheels with the rack in the right way using a rope. If it is fastened then you are free to start your journey. Neither, when your bike moves about then it can make scratches on your car.

Step -3: Tie the body of the bike as needed

If the body of the bike is not properly tied then it can move and even fall. So, to avoid unexpected accidents and falling down from the bike from your car you have to tie your bike’s body properly with the rack.

Step -4: Cover your bike

One of the crucial things for your bike is to cover it when you carry it on a bike rack.

Bad weather is a great threat to your bike. Especially the snow and rain are huge threats. As you know that if your bike gets wet then the ironic part of your bike’s body will be damaged slowly and it will not last long. On the contrary, your bike’s color will also get damaged. Because of the heating problem, the bike’s plastic parts and tires will be weakened. Also, dust may fade your bike’s look. So, before you go cover your bike. another post How To Secure Front Wheel On A Car Bike Rack? [Ultimate Guide]

Step -5: Locking your bike

When you go somewhere or sleep at night you must leave your bike alone that is why to protect your bike from being stolen you obviously should lock your bike with the rack.

For that purpose, you can use a chain or a wire locker. It will protect your bike and give you a pleasant sleep at night even a stress-less mind. So, don’t forget to lock your bike. Now you are ready to begin your journey and have much more fun.

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