How To Put Bike On Bike Rack

Car Bike Rack

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Do you love to go on trips and take your bike with you? Well, you’ll conveniently bring your bicycle anywhere with the help of bike racks.

However, issues are common when it involves installing the bike on the car. Most popular questions like “What if it falls off?” are often heard. But don’t worry because we will help you know how to put a bike on a bike rack safely and securely.

This way, you’ll keep your bike locked up as you travel to another city.

Second Alternative
Prepare the items You Need
The traditional method will not require any tools, but it’s good to have the following for your convenience.

Frame Adapter (for Method 2)
Follow these steps to place the bike on a bike rack. I will be able to discuss method 1 first, where you’ll not need any tools to mount the bicycle.

Step 1: Open Up the Rack
The result will be an arc shape, but this varies depending on the model.

When you put a bike on a Thule bike rack on SUVs, you’ll notice that one side attaches against the back window, while the opposite end goes against the trunk.

If you’ve got sedans and coupes, the bike rack likely mounts above the car and at the trunk’s behind.

It’s normal to face issues once you attach a bike rack. and therefore the most common is knowing which side faces upwards. during this case, you only have to look for the clamps that secure the bicycle in place and position them upwards.

When you do this, the remainder of the bike rack will follow the proper orientation.

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