how to use a solar shower bag

Shower bags are neat little things for camping. They will come handy when you are deep in the jungle and out of fresh waters. Solar shower bags can absorb energy from the sun and keep your water warm for a long time.

KIPIDA Solar Shower Bag:

KIPIDA solar shower bag is highly appreciated by both campers and casual people a lot. If you are looking for one of the best solar shower bags, then you don’t need to look any further.

What Do We Like?

Heat Absorbing Design

The shower bag was designed to keep the heat inside the bag and not let cold air get to it. If your shower bag isn’t keeping the water inside warm, might as well go take a dip in the local river.

Maximum Water Capacity

Water capacity will play a huge role in the wild. You will always want to keep as much fresh water as possible. To make that happen, KIPIDA made the solar shower bag to hold up to 5 gallons of water.
That’s a lot of water.

Useful Accessories Included

To make your shower easier and more enjoyable, KIPIDA adds a ton of accessories inside the packaging. Those are a pipe hose, a shower head, and a water tap. The upgraded shower head offers a button to control the flow of the water from high to low.

Good For Wild Uses

The shower bag is made with durable materials. You can leave it hanging outside of your tent and no wild animals or bird will be able to poke through it. Perfect for hunting and outdoor camping.

Keep in Mind

The Water Hose Is Pretty Small

The pipe included with the hose is pretty small and you won’t get any additional attachment for the hose. If you want different attachments, then you need to buy them yourself.

This Is Good For

This is good for anyone that loves hiking, hunting, and outdoor camping. This will also come in handy while having a party on the backyard. The use of this is quite literally infinite. I am sure you can come up with better ideas to use this on various occasions.

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