Inflatable Tents For Camping

An inflatable tent is easier and faster to set up. They offer higher wind resistance and are strong. They are reliable and easy to repair in the field. You can bend them easily by deflating them without breaking them. These tents are being increasingly used by campers and vacationers. But there is a downside is that you will always have to carry a pump along. In this guide, you will learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of these tents, the different types of them, and the leading brands.

Advantages of Inflatable Tents

There are many reasons why these tents have become so popular. The most common ones are the following:

Stronger materials – Once installed properly, you don’t have to worry that the tent may deflate on you in the middle of the night.

Sturdy Beams – When the beams inflate they become very sturdy.

Hard-wearing Materials – Quality tents are made from hard-wearing materials. This helps ensure that they aren’t punctured easily. And then even if you do find a puncture, it can be easily fixed. Fixing them would be comparable to repairing a bicycle tire and the repair kits are user-friendly.

Easy to Use – This is one of the biggest advantages of using inflatable tents. They can be pitched by a single person and in a short time. There is no need for any expertise and almost anyone can do it. They are also safe as they don’t have any sharp edges. Best 2 Person Tent Under 50 for your camping.

Disadvantages of Inflatable Tents

There aren’t many but there are a few disadvantages to these tents:

  • The ventilation may be limited because of geometric design.
  • The weight
  • Need to carry a pump

These limitations may create certain minor issues, but overall these tents are becoming a very competitive choice for campers, hikers, mountaineers, and backpackers.

The Inflatable Tent: The different models

There are various types of inflatable tents, based on the type of intended usage. But the main ones for our purposes would be:

Tents for Shelter

Many inflatable shelter tents can be much longer than others and offer room for seats and tables as well. They are available in various sizes, ranging from small to large ones. Some of them have the option of being attached to other tents so you could quite easily create a small village if you wanted to.

Brands & Prices

Here is a shortlist of the popular brands, but it is by no means exhaustive. These are some of the most popular brands of inflatable tents you can find for different sizes and needs.


Kelty Mach 4 provides 50 sq. ft. of room and can have a height of up to 74 inches. It has room for 4 people to sleep and store their gear in. The best thing is that its internal sleeping compartment can attach to the inflatable tent and create a double-walled area. Mach 4 has a price starting from $249.99 and it weighs around 20 pounds.

The Sonic 6 provides 2 different sleeping compartments, with each one having 49 sq. ft. of floor area. It can accommodate up to 6 people. It has a maximum height of 76 inches and the gear can be stored in the central vestibule which is a 38 sq. ft. area. It is a versatile tent because you can also remove the different compartments if you wish. Prices for Mach 6 start from $299.97. When fully packed, it weighs around 27 pounds.


Another popular brand is Heimplanet’s Wedge. It is an inflatable (freestanding) tent that works as a single unit. The external and internal tent and the air beams are connected for easy and fast pitching. Set up is simple – just unroll, inflate and stake it.

The Wedge can accommodate 2 people. The geodesic frame (Inflatable Diamond Grid) provides a high level of stability against wind and the elements. It weighs around 7 pounds and makes the perfect choice for tourers and backpackers. It is priced at around $598.95.

Nemo GoGo

the Nemo GoGo Elite (1 Person) Tent has a simple design that inflates within seconds. It is valued for its strength, wind stability, small pack size, and ease of repair. When packed, it weighs around 1 pound. Prices start at $299.96.

Love them or hate them the inflatable tent is a part of camping now and as they become cheaper more and more people have been buying them.

Inflatable Canopies Used

inflatable canopies used to be a bit of a novelty; a commodity to marvel at in proposition, but avoid like the pest due to complex affectation routines ( generally taking an electric pump), fragile air budgets, and the constant fear that a perforation will come on and beget your entire trip to deflate in a moment.

Still, effects have come a long way in the last many times. Moment’s stylish inflatable canopies are incredibly durable and dependable – not to mention super-easy to put up. Just gemstone up, peg out your home for the weekend, pump up and enjoy. This isn’t only low- hassle and speedy but avoids the numerous pole-related issues that can ruin a fantastic camping trip, from leaving them at home to having them suddenly break, bend, or have gone gravel.

The main strike to inflatable canopies is that really dependable, robust air poles are not actually as light as you’d imagine, generally making inflatable canopies on the heavier side (if that is an issue, head to our stylish canopies companion for some druthers).. Read on for the rearmost and stylish inflatable canopies! You will need the stylish resting bag to go with your roof Stay dry with one of the stylish leakproof jackets Capture your adventures with the stylish action camera Browse the stylish women’s hiking thrills
When choosing the right inflatable roof for you, you have analogous considerations to that of buying a pole roof how numerous people it sleeps, whether you can stand up outside, and whether it has mosquito network, for illustration.

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