Intex Inflatable Kayak Review 2022

Pump it up and paddle on!

When you’re first embarking on a new hobby, you need to make sure you have all the equipment necessary for its safe and enjoyable pursuit. Inflatable kayaks are a great way to indulge in water sports without spending huge sums of money to get started. They are lightweight, compact, portable, and easy to maneuver. From a single-person kayak to a 4-person one, there are shapes and sizes to suit individuals and families who enjoy their outdoor activities wet and – varying degrees of – wild. Some people like the simplicity of being out in the sunshine, paddling around and taking in the scenery from their little boat, whereas others can’t wait to plunge headfirst into whitewater rafting and all the thrills and spills that go along with it. Inflatable kayaks are not merely for transportation between bodies of land. They can be must-haves for camping trips on islands or to use for catching fish offshore. They are wonderful vessels for travelers who like to explore their surroundings, traversing the waterways, looking for signs of fauna and marine life.

As with any other sporting equipment, particularly items that have the potential for danger if not used correctly, it’s vital that new users obtain as much information as possible before the purchase. Scouting around on the Internet will help uncover buyer reviews about brands and models, but asking others who have used inflatable kayaks is an excellent idea. Seasoned kayakers know from experience the safety issues, as well as the performance issues concerned with the craft. They are the ones who can give a good indication as to whether a product is worth its steep price or if a cheaper one might suffice.

The right purchase
Quality is not just about good looks and fashionable brand names where inflatable kayaks are concerned. Durability and smart design are key factors you should consider when buying one. You should determine, before parting with any money, how you will transport it, where you intend to use it and how much use you think you’ll derive from it. It’s pointless buying the top of the range if this will only be a recreational diversion once a year when the mood strikes. On the other hand, buying a kayak that amounts to not much more than a toy is a terrible idea if you will be taking it when you travel to your nearest lake every weekend in summer.

Other than the requisite pumps, paddles, and valves, owners of inflatable kayaks keep an inventory of accessories on hand for emergencies and routine repairs. Adhesives are as important to this sport as cue chalk is for billiards players and throw bags and dry bags are also essential.

Learning how to service inflatable kayaks is not something that should wait until yours needs repairs. What if you’re on a camping trip and a leak develops? There goes your vacation. How about a puncture? Images of your kayak whooshing around the campground like a popped balloon may seem funny but when your investment is rendered useless – however temporarily – the laughs won’t be so easy. Learn what it takes to maintain and service your kayak before being caught out.

Kayaking can begin as a fun activity for a bit of exercise or a diversion. Many enthusiasts find, however, that the more they indulge, the more compelled they become. International kayaking contests draw competitors and spectators from all over the world and some include the use of inflatable kayaks. Paddling a canoe was never more challenging or gratifying.

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