The Best 1 Person Tents [Reviews & Buyer’s Guide]

We’ve compared each one based on design, comfort, durability, and customer experience. Choosing a 1-person tent will be a lot easier than choosing a 2-person tent. You’ll know whether the dimensions are right for you and not have to account for someone else, you’ll only need one door and it doesn’t really matter where it is placed. You’ll also be aware that you’ll be carrying it entirely on your own so how much weight you can handle will be obvious.

Even after looking through this list of 1 person hiking tents, you may still choose to go with a 2-person tent. Some 2-person tents can be lighter than 1-person tents and they’ll also provide a roomier interior. However, this will usually mean a higher price tag so you’ll need to account for that as well. In any case, if you’ve got your heart set on a lightweight solo tent you should find your next tent of choice here.

Read through our roundup and be sure to check out the more detailed reviews of each tent that catches your eye.

Best-One Person Backpacking Tents

1. MSR Hubba NX Tent

Weight: 2lb 7oz

Dimensions (L x W x H): 85 x 30 x 36in

Features: 3-Session, 1-Person, 1-Door, freestanding

What we like: easy to pitch and pack away, plenty of head and elbow room, good ventilation.

What we don’t like: comes with no extra features, not suitable for rough conditions.

The MSR Hubba NX is a freestanding tent suited perfectly for a solo hiker or cyclist who needs to keep weight at a minimum. Made from 40D ripstop nylon and 15D nylon mesh the tent weights only a little over two pounds when fully packed up. The StayDry door comes with a built-in rain gutter and a cross-ventilating rainfly for better air-flow. Despite being a 1-person tent the Hubba NX still provides plenty of room with an 18-sq ft. floor and a head height of 36in.

When the weather is good you can pull back the rainfly for better ventilation and when the clouds begin to open up again you can quickly pull it back in place. Although designed as a waterproof tent the Hubba NX has its limitations. It can be quite fragile so you’ll want to choose your camping spot carefully and pack it gently. If weight is the main concern for you and you don’t expect rough conditions then the MSR Hubba NX is a solid buy. The lack though of any features such as pockets or a mesh loft and the weakness of the materials means that it’s a tent only good for limited use.

2. ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1

Weight: 4lb 4oz

Dimensions (L x W x H): 90 x 32 x 36in

Features: 3-Session, 1-Person, 1-Door, freestanding

What we like: affordable price, easy to set-up, factory sealed flor and seams, aluminum stakes included, great water resistance

What we don’t like: a bit heavy for a solo tent, no footprint included

With the ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1, you get a nicely balanced tent with respect to design, features and durability, all with an exceptionally low price tag. At 4lb 4oz though it’s a bit of a stretch to call it a backpacking tent. It’s best suited for short overnight hiking trips or for motorbike and car camping or fishing.

For this extra weight though you get some great features like a large vestibule for storage and a high-quality build that can take a lot of beating. It comes with three mesh storage pockets, one above the head area which is removable as a gear loft. Another great feature is the mesh walls which run along the two side walls and backend, allowing plenty of ventilation inside.

The frame is made entirely of aluminum which gives it both its strength and lightness. Finally, it’s got an easy set up that takes no more than 5 minutes. If you want some extra comfort at a great price the Lynx is a great choice but may come with some weight concerns.

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3. Big Agnes Fly Creek HV UL 1 Person Tent

Weight: 2lb 1oz

Dimensions (L x W x H): 86 x 30 x 42in

Features: 3-Session, 1-Person, 1-Door

What we like: extreme lightweight, a nearly vertical front panel for easy entry and exit, it’s a significant improvement on the original design

What we don’t like: doesn’t hold up well against strong winds, the materials are very thin and delicate.

We already mentioned the slightly bigger version, the UL2, in our review last week. Now it returns as a one-person tent. The Big Agnes Fly Creek HV UL1 Person Tent is the go-to tent for those trekkers and mountain bikers that value lightweight above all else. At only 1lb 12oz this is one of the lightest tents you can get but as with any lightweight tent, this comes at the cost of more delicate materials.

This version is the latest upgrade on an original model by Big Angus, featuring a taller head and steeper walls which rids it of the sagging problem the previous version had. Despite the floor space being reduced by 2 sq. ft. the tighter walls make it seem larger once your inside. To achieve this lightness though the materials have had to be significantly reduced. This makes the tent more susceptible to damage so you’ll need to weight this concern against its lightweight.

4. Winterial Single Person Bevy Tent

Weight: 2lb 9oz

Dimensions (L x W x H): 90 x 28 x 38in

Features: 3-Session, 1-Person, 1-Door, double wall design

What we like: easy setup, contains many features other 1-person tents don’t like all mesh walls and an extra-large door, low price tag, incredible rain and wind resistance.

What we don’t like: it’s not a freestanding design and the vestibule is very small.

If you’re a solo hiker that loves to enjoy a bit of stargazing at night then what could be better than an all mesh tent? There’s a lot to love about the Winterial Single Person Bevy Tent. Its low profile makes it great against strong winds, it’s low price tag makes it very affordable and it’s lightweight makes it perfect for any solo adventure.

Being a bevy tent though it comes with some downsides, for starters, it’s a non-freestanding tent which means it can’t be pitched in sand or gravel. In their goal to get it as light as possible, Winterial has stripped the tent of all unessential features like storage pockets and reduced the vestibule’s size to the bare minimum. Comfort so is a weak point for it but in return, you get incredible protection and lightweight at a better price than most of its competitors.

Anyone who’s on a budget and just needs something simple that can protect them from the elements will find all they need in the Winterial Single Person.

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 Hilleberg Akto 1-Person

5. Hilleberg Akto 1-Person Mountaineering Tent

Weight: 3lb 8oz

Dimensions (L x W x H): 87 x 36 x 36in

Features: 4-Session, 1-Person, 1-Door

What we like: incredible weather protection, comfortable interior that doesn’t feel cramped, outstanding material quality.

What we don’t like: a bit heavy for a solo tent, not freestanding

For experienced outdoorsmen, Hilleberg requires little introduction. This Swedish company has been designing and testing top of the line gear for over 20 years now and continues to release superb products that work exactly as they are intended to. The Hilleberg Akto 1 Person Mountaineering Tent is certainly not cheap but if you camp regularly and in rough conditions, it’s better to invest in quality. Like the Winterial Tent, the Hilleberg Akto is a non-freestanding bevy tent. The difference is the extremely high-quality materials. Hilleberg employs its own patented silicon nylon ripstop, known as Kerlon. Combined with high durability poles this is a product that’s built to last. This, of course, adds to the weight which is one of its free downsides.

It can be quickly pitched in a hurry if a rainstorm hits, once things cool off you can then tighten it down for better stability. Once fully pegged in the Akto displays incredible stability against even the roughest conditions. Inside you have 18 sq. ft. of space to use, one internal pocket and enough space for most people to sit up straight and cook inside if needed.

If it’s high durability and comfort with the best quality materials that you want, the Hilleberg Akto is easily one of the best 1 person hiking tents on the market. If you can afford its hearty price tag you’ll have something that should last you years.

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Hopefully, this round-up of the best 1 person hiking tents has helped you make your next buying decision. Be sure to check out the more detailed reviews of those tents that intrigued you the most and let us know what you think. we’d love to hear from you what your thoughts are on some of these tents, or maybe you have some suggestions for other tents we may have missed. Let us know in the comments.

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