How To Attach Bike Trailer Without Coupler

When you plan to carry your kid, pet, or grocery on your bike, attaching a trailer is the best thing to do. A bike trailer connects with your bike. So, the extra weight transfers to the bike trailer instead at the back of your bike. So, your bike riding becomes comfier as the trailer with wheels moves with ease.

Usually, people will use a coupler to mount the bike trailer. But what if you don’t have the coupler? Well, at that time, knowing how to attach bike trailer without coupler is the best solution you may imagine.

There’re three ways to mount a bike trailer with the bike without the coupler. You may use a bolt-on hub, chain-stay mount frame, or seat-post installation system for this connection. The bolt-on hub system to connect the bike trailer with the bike is the easiest and most widely used method. The other two systems are also straightforward.

Why Should You Use A Bike Trailer?

Are you keen to know how do you attach a bike trailer attachment? Well, even before that, you should understand the usefulness of the bike trailer. Usually, people use the bike rack to carry their groceries, kids, or pet.

This carrying system on the bike rack puts extra weight. So, your bike riding becomes difficult with the added weight. When you mount the bike trailer, the added weight transfers to the trailer. It also has wheels for quick and easy movement. Therefore, you will feel less burdened with the weight. In turn, it makes your bike riding happier and comfier.

Top Three Methods On How To Attach Bike Trailer Without Coupler? :

A coupler is a minor component. It connects the bike trailer with the rear wheel of your bike using the hitch arm. It has a security pin to lock the trailer safely. Unfortunately, the coupler will wear out after a few years. So, you must find an alternative to the coupler to connect the bike trailer.

Here, you will find precisely it.

Method 1: Bolt-on hub mechanism

The bolt-on hub is made using steel. You will need to connect the steel hitch with the tow bar of your bike at the rear wheel. After that, you may quickly mount the bike trailer with the hitch. This system creates a system that appears like a bolt and hub.

As the hitch is made using stainless steel, it won’t catch rust and corrosion. So, the steel bolt won’t wear out as soon as the coupler. Thus, it is best to mount the bike trailer and ride your bicycle with groceries, kids, or pets.

Step 1: Removing axle nut and washer

Look at the left side of your bicycle. Carefully locate the washer of the wheel and the axle nut there. You may then start removing them. You will need a socket or ratchet wrench to remove the axle nut. Once you have removed the axle nut, getting rid of the wheel washer is easy.

Step 2: Connecting the steel hitch

Removing the axle nut will open up the axle. You can attach the steel hitch with the axle and secure it with the nut. Also, replace the older wheel washer with a new one for better fitment. The hitch will improve the grip of the axle nut.

Plus, replacing the washer will help you correctly align the steel hitch. You can further adjust the grip while connecting the bike trailer with it.

Step 3: Align the tow bar

You should find a tow bar when you look at the bike rack. The hitch-mounted and tow ball bike racks are shared among all bicycles. To align the tow bar, follow these steps.

  • From the bottom of the bike rack, insert the pin carefully.
  • Lock the steel hitch and tow bar correctly.
  • The pin and the steel hitch must be in correct alignment.
  • Finally, you must tighten the axle nut at the rear wheel.

The hitch must be in its correct alignment and position as fasten the axle nut. Otherwise, you might repeat the alignment process from the beginning.

Step 4: Connecting the bike trailer

Now, you must connect the bike trailer with the steel hitch mechanism. Before that, recheck the tow bar and hitch installation to ensure its safety. Then, look at the bike trailer and see its locking tool. Once you find the locking tool, carefully attach it with the hitch.

Step 5: Fastening the safety strap

Bike trailers come with safety straps. It helps you secure the trailer with the bike so it doesn’t disconnect from the bicycle when you ride it. You can quickly clip the fastening strap with the tow bar. This clipping of the belt with a tow bar will secure the connection.

You can keep anything on the bike trailer and ride the bicycle confidently.

Method 2: Seat post mechanism

The name suggests that you have to connect a hitch at the post-position of the seat. Then, you can attach the bike trailer to it. You will require a particular type of hitch for this installation. This type of hitch has two sides that you can quickly lock around the mounting position of the seat. The snare can be made of either steel or toughened plastic.

  • WeeRide Co-Pilot Spare Hitch is made of steel. You can attach it to the seat bar and secure it with the four nuts. Also, its stainless steel construction keeps it safe from rust and corrosion.
  • Burley Travoy Cargo Bike Trailer Hitch is made using premium plastic. You can place it at the back of the bike seat. After that, lock it with the nut. It has a trigger release mechanism for quick attachment.

At first, you must tighten the bike trailer hitch with the post seat. Finally, connect the trailer with the hitch safely. Also, secure it with the extra strapping that comes with the trailer. The best part of using the seat-post system and bike trailer hitch is its compatibility. The hitch is compatible with all styles of bikes. So, you don’t have to worry about its installation capacity like the bolt-on hub mechanism.

Method 3: Chain stay mounting frame system

This mounting system for the bike trailer is a bit tough. Yet, you may consider it when you can’t attach the bike trailer following two methods. This method has an inconvenience that stops people from using this trick.

You will need a mounting kit with hitches and tubes for connecting the bike trailer. You can get the mounting kit from online shops. Also, depending on your bike type, the mounting kit for the bike trailer may vary. So, check the online carefully and order the right tool accordingly.

  • The hitch will have a V-shape part. You must align it with the chain stay frame. Then you may quickly tighten the large knob on the snare to secure it.
  • On the other side of the mounting kit, you will find a tube with two holes. You have to attach the bike trailer with one of these two holes. Also, connect the bike itself with the other hole of the tube.
  • For better safety, secure the bike trailer with the additional strap. It helps you in carrying heavy items on it without worries.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Is it possible to attach a bike trailer to any bike?

Yes, you can mount a trailer with all types and models of bikes. You may use a coupler to attach the trailer. Alternatively, you can pick among our three mentioned methods.

What are the best methods for securing a bike trailer?

You can secure the bike trailer with the coupler and the bike with the additional strap. If you have to secure the trailer in the parking lot, use a U-lock. Furthermore, you can use the cable or chain to ensure the bike and the trailer.

How old should a kid be to ride in a bike trailer?

As per the industry standard, the kid should be at least one year old to be able to sit on the bike trailer. Also, you should ensure that the kid wears a helmet while sitting on the trailer to provide his protection.

Are bike trailers safer than bike seats?

A bike trailer is safer for kids, pets, and groceries than a bike rack. It has two wheels sideways with ample space. So, kids can sit there without problems. Also, it is located lower than the bike rack. It reduces the impact even if the child falls from it.

Are bike trailers worth it?

A bike trailer is worthy only when you need it to safely carry your kid or pet. Also, it helps carry groceries. The trailer isn’t a good option unless you transport your baby or pet on the bike. It increases your maneuvering difficulty and limits your riding fun.


A bike trailer becomes a necessity when you have kids or pets. You can place them on the trailer and roam around the neighborhood to entertain them. Henceforth, you might ask, “How do you hook up a bike trailer without a coupler?”

You can use an old-fashioned axle and hitch method or a mounting tool with the chainstay for attaching the trailer. Lastly, don’t forget to secure it with the strap.

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