How To Store Bikes Outside

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Written by Makmudul Hasan

Think about the right way of storing the bike to enjoy a comfortable and safe ride.

Before storing your bike outside, you should consider the environment, weather, temperature, and motorbike. We are sharing here some selective methods of securely storing your bicycle in different situations. 

Bike Sheds

A shed may be the best solution if you don’t have a personal garage. In a shed, bikes are always in front of your eyes which is extra security. You can locate it next to a wall or any free space in your home to park your bike. It saves your motorcycle from sunlight, rain, and snowfall through the shelter that doesn’t protect your bike from wind, vapor, and dust. For this, you can use a cover with a shed. Make sure a fixed stand in your shed locks your bikes. But you have no shed! And you are still thinking about how to store bikes outside. Don’t worry portable tent is the right choice for you. 

Bike portable Tents

If you don’t have enough space for a shed, you should consider a portable bike tent. But a rack, floor stand, or kickstand are required with a tent. Portable tents are more suitable if you are living in a small apartment. The tent is slightly bigger than the bike. So, you can sit next to a wall, garden, or in a short space in front of your home. It will protect your motorcycle from rain, wind, and high temperature. But is less secure in cyclones. However, it covers your motorcycle fully and keeps your bike out of view.

UV-protected cover

In the summer season, Keeping bikes outside is not a good decision. It is not suitable for bicycle print and engine oil. Because the glossy color fades in direct sunlight, and the lubricant becomes lighter. So how do you store bikes outside in the summer season? Just use a UV-protected cover over your cycle. 

UV-protected cover will protect your bike from fading print. In addition, it will maintain your bike from overheating. The waterproof fabric uses to make UV-protected bike covers. So It protects your bicycle from water, dust, and UV light.

Required tools.

You can select any option to store your biles outside. But some tools are required with every opportunity. Especially proper lock, stand and cover. There are lots of security options discussed below. Select the best protection according to your bike.

How to secure bikes outside

When you decide to keep your bike outside, the first thing that comes to your mind “is it secure!”. If you are searching for how to store bikes outside, Let’s find some tricks also to save your two-wheeler. 

Steering lock

The steering lock comes with almost every motorcycle. Today’s bicycles also offer a steering lock. It is safe but not for a long time. If you are parking your bike in a park for a short time, it may be secure from theft. But it is not safe to keep your bike out of sight. So, If you have an emergency, please take a litter time to protect your bike. Be sure your steering lock is active, although you are using any extra protection.

Disk Lock

Disk lock directly clips onto the brack disk. It provides extra protection to your bike. A disk lock is more secure than only a steering lock. Moreover, it doesn’t allow wheel spinning. But the problem is it doesn’t secure your bike from being carried. If your motorcycle is heavy, the dick lock will be best for you. But, if you have a bicycle disk lock can’t protect your bike from theft. 

Floor hook

The floor hook is more secure than the disk lock. Because the disk lock only prevents the wheel from spinning but does not protect it from lifting. On the other hand, the Floor hook does both jobs. It doesn’t allow carrying bikes and also prevents the wheel from spinning. However, the installation process is not so easy. But if you install it once, you are good to go. Also, it has some corns. For example, the floor hook is not portable with your bike. 

Wall mount 

If your tent or shed is next to a wall, there is no doubt the wall hook will be the secured lock for your bikes. It is simple and easily installable. You just need a drill to install it. Once you have attached the wall mount, that’s great. Now,   If you have a bicycle, you can hang it. Otherwise, if you have a motorcycle, you can lock it. 

The drawback of Outside Bike Storage

It is true. An indoor store is safer and more secure than an outdoor store for a bike. But if you have no choice, you have to consider some issues. Let’s know about it. The first drawback is safety. Outdoor bike storage is less secure though it depends on how to store bikes outside. A proper security system may prevent your headache. That we already discussed above. The second drawback is reduced quality. In an outside store, the color, lubricant, and other material quality are damaged day by the bay. Sometimes it prevents your bike’s lifetime. That reduces the resale value of your bike. And the final drawback is hemp is the beauty of your home. When an architect designs a home, he may think of a garage, not an outdoor store. So making a shed or tent in front of a home disturbs the original beauty of the house. 


Who likes to ride also loves his bike. Cause the cycle bears his emotion. So an unwanted accident can hit on his affection. Above all, keep your bike in an appropriate place with proper protection by knowing how to store bikes outside.

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